Friday, October 7, 2016

DIFF EyeWear

DIFF Eyewear is the perfect eye-catching accessory to add to any outfit. I have been a fan of DIFF Eyewear for a while now, but every time I get the email that my favorite pair is back in stock, I still end up missing out on them. NOT THIS TIME! I finally got mine in the mail (picture below) and I seriously LOVEEEE them! They have so many different colors of lenses and frames to choose from. Even though I’ve only had them for 2 weeks, every time I wear them people ask where they are from.

Did I mention how reasonable the prices are? Well, they are great, especially when you aren’t wanting to spend hundreds of dollars. If you sign up on their email list, you receive a 15% off coupon making the sunnies even cheaper. These would be a great gift for not only women but men as well.

This isn’t the only reason I have fallen in love with this brand. Something that is very special to my heart is for every pair of sunglasses they sell, they then donate a pair to the non-profit organization Eyes on Africa. Eyes on Africa provides a new pair of eyeglasses at no cost to Africans in communities that don’t have access to vision care. When you finally go and buy a pair of these super cute sunnies from DIFF Eyewear, you are giving back as well!

Also the new Bachelorette, Jojo Fletcher, recently came out with a new eyewear line with DIFF Eyewear! Look how fun these sunglasses are. This makes my heart warm knowing that celebrities are not all about themselves. She’s not the only person from the Bachelorette/Bachelor her fiancĂ© Jordan wears them as well! She not only created this super cute line but she also is doing it for a great cause. Don’t worry her fiancĂ© Jordan Rodgers wears them too!

I hope that you can enjoy DIFF Eyewear as much as I have. To check out more celebrities or funny photo's of the eyewear check out their Instagram. It’s the weekend- woo! Get yours Here