Thursday, June 15, 2017

Amazon Prime Father's Day Gift Guide

Ekk, father’s day is on Sunday! I’m finally having some wind down time to put together a gift guide for you guys! Sorry about that, BUT it’s never too late. Here are some favorite last-minute father’s day gifts that you can get on time (yay) through AMAZON PRIME!

 I went through some idea with Ryan last night to pick different gifts, and with a couple of co-workers to put together these gift ideas. 





These ideas are great for all types of dad’s. Happy shopping!

Hope everyone has a great Father’s Day!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Sergio Garcia practicing his putting. 

Had to take a picture of this! Go Texan's :) 

Let’s start off with saying that the fact that we all get to have this life enjoying the freedom in our lives is unreal. We should all be forever thankful for those that have paved the way as well as those that are currently paving and protecting our freedoms today!

Traditions are something special to people’s hearts and this past weekend calls for traditions all around. Memorial Day is a time when family and friends get together to remember those who have served our country. Our family has a few sweet traditions that I have loved since they’ve been started. One being spending Friday at the Colonial in Fort Worth with my dad! We’ve done this for years now and it’s something sweet we both enjoy doing (p.s. my mom isn’t into walking around sweating and watching golf - haha)!

This year one of my dad’s best friends since elementary school and his wife joined us. We had a blast! We followed around different golfers, people watched (always looking for cute outfits), and just enjoyed one another’s company. After a full day of walking around not sweating too much we went to my house to meet my mom for dinner.

Since my dad’s friend and his wife don’t get to come up to Fort Worth much we wanted to make sure they had a good meal. We took them to the Original which is a staple in Fort Worth. A little background it’s been around since 1926 and it’s a place where generations have enjoyed bringing their kids. It’s a place where we belong, where we eat because we love it, and we enjoy sharing this tradition that has been handed down to us.

They fell in love! We all left happy and full of the best Mexican food (in my opinion) that you can get in Fort Worth.

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend and traditions! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ways to Spoil Yourself or your Mom this Mother's Day

For all the mom’s that I know and are friends with, I know what a crazy job motherhood can be. They will all agree when I say this: it’s the absolute best job in the world with all the love, joy, and happiness that anyone could ever imagine. I know they say it’s exhausting, stressful, frustrating, and just plain hard sometimes, but they wouldn’t change it for the world!

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I would share different ways to spoil yourself or your mom this year. We all know that our moms deserve it and need a break sometimes!

Treating yourself/your mom to some pampering… many moms don’t want to celebrate by shouldering any of their motherhood responsibilities. But having a well-deserved day of pampering is helpful to recharge your mom/your own battery so you’re even happier and a better mom! There are a ton of spa’s to take your mom or you can make it even more special. Go out and buy different face masks (Firm Lover/Sephora Pearl), bubble baths (Mayfair/Dead Sea), oils (Spa of the World/Shea Moisture), lip creams (Yu Be/Supergoop), and even more spa accessories to pamper your mom yourself. I know moms enjoy it even more when you take the time out of YOUR day to do something with them. Take just an hour on Mother’s Day to just pamper yourself and your mom at home with all kinds of different spa-like accessories. 

Treat yourself/mom to something new… Whether it is buying your mom a new dress, a bag, pair of shoes, or even jewelry, it’s important for every mom to feel special and pretty on their day! Wearing a new dress to work or church is always a great feeling, but a new dress can also be a great excuse to have a date night with your man. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Cards… you should always pick out the perfect card for your sweet mom. My mom loves cards more than anything, so skipping out on a gift sometimes is okay with her! Etsy is good for this. Personalizing cards (Pinhole's) is something new that people have been doing these past couple of years. It’s not only a card, but a way to display pictures of your loved ones on special occasions such a Mother’s Day.  

Flowers… these are always a hit with every mom. Bloom2Bloom Flowers: they come tied up in brown paper, with beautiful flowers that seem to last, instruction card on how to take care of the blooms, and are always in safe condition. The thing I love about this company is that they give back to causes such as hospitals, women’s shelters, and other community organizations. The blooms open up more and more each day which can only brighten mom’s morning! 

Something for a new mom or a nursing mom… personalized water bottleloads of snacks, and these super soft shirts that I’ve heard are amazing. Each purchase goes to helping America’s most vulnerable families! 

Something personalized (something for every kind of mom)… getting a picture of their children young or old is something that brings warmth to every mother’s heart. is a great inexpensive way to find that perfect frame + a picture to go along with it as well. I recently made my cousins graduation announcements through minted. They turned beyond what I expected. They’ve never failed me J

If you aren’t close to your mom, I know there is something out there for that someone in your life that you could give this special card to!

Have you decided what on a Mother's Day gift yet??

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Life Lately

Oh, my goodness… I feel like this Spring has been busier than the actual holidays. With babies being born, birthday celebrations, traveling, Junior Women's Club events, etc. I have been kept busy and a little distant from the blog. No worries, though, it won't happen again! 

At the beginning of April, something very exciting happened to Ryan... he sold his truck and bought a new one! I couldn't believe my eyes when it actually happened. A little side story about this... Ryan has had this truck since he was in college. Not that it’s bad, but all the driving Ryan does and the year the truck was made (2004), it needed to be sold. There wasn't anything physically wrong with it and he took really good care of it, so someone was getting a good deal on a truck. 

He was more excited than a kid traveling to Disney World for the first time. It was a memory that I will never forget! I love that he finally got to have the truck of his dreams J


The week of Easter is always so much fun! Having Friday off (not because it was Good Friday, but it was my Friday to be off), going to 24 Hour Prayer at my church (Southcliff), getting to decorate Easter eggs, spending time with family, getting Easter basket ready and so many more fun things.

That Friday one of my best friends (Allison Nixon-go follow her blog) invited me to tag along with her, her mom, one of her sisters, and her nephews to a place called Homestead Heritage. Let me tell you guys the website doesn’t do this place justice at all! Homestead Heritage is an agrarian and crafted based Christian community. It has a 550 acre farm with animals, crops, and incredible works of craftsmanship, events, and schooling.


We started off by eating at the CafĂ© Homestead. I can’t even put words with how tasty the food was! The service was over the top and the young staff members saying “yes ma’am/no ma’am.” They offer grass-fed beef, gluten-free options, cheese, fruit, homemade ice cream, locally grown produce, and much more. We all ordered half sandwiches with either soup or salads. Let me tell you, the salad was so fresh and reminded me of my mom’s garden she used to have. I only got a picture of my lunch since everyone else had already dug into theirs before I could snap a picture. 

Our side sandwiches included- the special (me and Allison), classic Reuben (her mom), and the Turkey Veggie Wrap (her sister); Side soups- tomato bisque (Allison and her mom) and jalapeno sweet potato (her sister); Side salad- Greek salad (me). The food was out of this world!

Next we walked across the way to The Barn that was filled with one-of-a-kind soaps, wood work, hand-stitched quilts, children’s books, teas, bath soaps, and much more. I bought the coconut tea I had a lunch (tasted just like a beach), two bars of soup, granola, honey, and a bath fizz ball.


The Pottery Shop was next. The potters were shaping different clay’s by the wheel and by hand. There were different items you could purchase in the shop. They even had their very own custom built wood fired kiln!


 The Woodworking Shop had award winning custom furniture all throughout the shop. It shows all the different ways to hand cut wood to steam bent wood. 

We walked through the nature walkway that had a peaceful little creek. It was so calm out at the Heritage you could even hear the water trickling down the creek.

Next up was the HomesteadGristmill. Right when you walked through the door there it was a water wheel driven mill that produces fine flour for baking. You can watch freshly ground organically grown grains being made! You can even purchase fresh flour cornmeal, mixes, oats, and much more.



We walked through the herb garden, which is where I saw a little baby grass snake. Yes, it’s just a grass snake and it won’t hurt me, butttt yes you are guessing it right I FREAKED OUT! Everyone laughed thinking, “What in the world it’s just a little grass snake.” Haha.

We step inside the Fiber Artsshop, which was in a house that had been restored from the 19th century. Weavers, spinners, and knitters that create cloth and other items for the home and family. They have supplies and equipment to purchase, items that were created by the young/old women, and books to learn more about knitting.

Across the way was a huge garden and inside garden (can’t remember what these are called). They had so many different kinds of lettuce growing along with vegetables. Behind the inside garden was a cute little barn that had the cutest baby goat I’ve ever seen, peacocks, chickens, bunnies, goats, and rosters. The baby goat loved Allison’s little nephew!


We took a little hick up to the front of the farm where the Brazos Valley Cheese, the Homestead General Store, and the Homestead Market are located.

This entire experience was something I will never forget. I plan on taking my mom out to see the entire farm!

Last weekend one of my close friend (Emily) had her birthday. We had planned awhile back to go to Vegas which happened to fall on her birthday. Can we say, perfect timing? If thinking to yourself, “Why Vegas of all places…” Well, we went to see BACKSTREET BOYS! It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. I even got to touch Nick Carter’s hand – my dream come true! 

We had a lot of fun celebrating Emily’s birthday. Friday when we all arrived we ate a late lunch, went to see the Backstreet Boys, and then danced the night away. Saturday we rented a Cabana and laid at the pool all day, got ready, and went to see Celine Dion. She was out of this world amazing! Which no one should think any differently!! Sunday morning/afternoon everyone came home.




I hope everyone has been enjoying the month of May. It’s hump day which means we are half way through the week! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day J