Thursday, August 25, 2016

River Trip & Heathly Drink/Food Choices

There is no doubt that taking trips call for celebrating friends, indulging in the yummy snacks, making cocktails, and relaxing with good friends. For some reason, when a trip is around the corner (especially a river trip where you will be in a bikini most of the time) our minds start to think,“ I need to diet and start that exercise routine I never started. That being said, I’ve learned how to stick to a few helpful tricks and tips that allow me to have roast my s’mores, drink delicious cocktails, and exercise too during trips. 

Watch Your Portions
The easiest way for me to remember how to control portions is by filling up on more veggies and fruit. You don’t have to say no to bread, chips, or that slice of pizza you’ve been smelling… just make sure the veggies and fruit are the main part of your meal/snacks. That way you will fill up on some healthy, nutritious, and low calorie food before reaching for the indulgent stuff you’ve been eyeing all day. 

Grab A Buddy
When going on a trip that is a time to reunite with friends you haven’t seen in a while due to busy schedules. A great way to catch up with friends you haven’t seen is to make your coffee time an active one. In the morning while everyone is indulging in those yummy donuts or kolaches, grab your coffee, the girls, and go for a walk. Apply that catch-up time with the girls to be active and social at the same time. 

Just Add Water/Soda Water
Cocktails are always a must when going on a trip! So let’s face it it’s nearly impossible to try and avoid that one. However, that doesn’t mean you have to gulp down the extra unwanted calories with your refreshing drink of choice. One of my best tips for slimming down those sugary drink mixers is to add water or soda water. If you are still wanting that special drink you’ve been thinking about, indulge in just one a day. You then can choose the low-cal cocktail for the rest of the time (recipe at the end). This also helps when needing to drink water because it will help you stay away from unnecessary cravings and will also help with hydration- we all know you don’t want that awful hangover the next day. Remember to also chug a huge glass of water before bed-it might help with that hangover the next day. 

Don’t Go Hungry
Hunger without drinking can lead us to crazy things: binging on more than one (maybe two) s’mores, downing an entire pizza instead of sharing. Don’t let your eyes and stomach become vultures, ladies! Remember to eat those healthy snacks at least every 2 hours rather than starving yourself until dinner time. 

Don’t Forget the Sweets
I know you are all waiting for me to tell you to grab that cookie or that melting chocolate s’more. The time has come- GRAB IT! Don’t become that person on the trip that is all about eating healthy, working out, counting calories, etc… remember to treat yourself and to have a good time! It’s a time to indulge. Just treat yourself - because you all know what you have to come back to… REALITY! Don’t let all of that hard work you do all year get ruined by one trip. You don’t want to have to work off to much when you get back. 
Needless to say, I’ve managed many trips with indulgence all around by following these helpful tricks and tips listed above. In addition to having that extra s’more with a little self-control. I still haven’t popped a button off of my skinny jeans when coming back. If you have any more tricks or tips you take with you on trips please share. 

Here’s the recipe I promised I would share: 
My favorite go to drink on trips is
Grapefruit Vodka & Tonic or 
-lime juice 
-tonic water or water
-grapefruit vodka
-crushed ice
1. In a glass fill with crushed ice.
2. Add in lime juice and grapefruit vodka
3. Fill the rest with tonic water or water.
4. Note diet tonic is always better if you are wanting that extra skinny cocktail! 

Monday, August 22, 2016


Contentment. Do people really know what the secret to a life of contentment is? It isn’t about getting rid of everything in your life. It’s not about hearing stories about people and praising them for their success. It’s not about what is happening in the present moment. All of these things are great and respectful and a great way of living contently, but all of these things can be done while still struggling with discontentment. There is a secret found in Isaiah 41:10- “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” The secret isn’t found in what God does for you when you need him…the secret is in Him who strengthens you, helps you, and upholds you. The power of Jesus working within us is the secret to a life of contentment. Many people think that they can change any circumstance they are in, but that is wrong. Jesus is the secret within ourselves, not putting yourself into a different circumstance.

I hear things and, yes, I think these things as well…

My friends are getting married and I’m not…

My friends are getting pregnant and I’m not…

My bank account is low and the bills are piling up…

My friends’ lives look so easy and mine doesn’t… 

Even when things might be going so well in your life just like you hoped…. STILL CONTENTMENT IS FOUND IN CHRIST. Jesus is ALWAYS the answer to my needs and longings. He will always be the Giver of courage, the Creator of faith, and the Contributor to everlasting joy. Through Christ we are strengthened with the beauty of grace to celebrate with our friends, with the attitude on life to not place hope in materialistic things, and with the everlasting perception to live in the present with the fullest heart of eternity.

The secret to contentment isn’t by putting yourself into different circumstances, it’s by Christ. Through Him we see what we have by letting go of such as timelines in our lives. Putting everything into his hands will stop timelines because you rely on Christ to put everything in place. Who He has made us to be is always enough and tell yourself that everyday… and you want to know why that is- it’s because HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR US!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August Goals

I’m obviously going to continue to focus on my fitness goals, which I hope you all are doing the same thing. I hope the tips that I’ve provided you have helped you reach some of the goals you’ve been having trouble with! I’m going to start each month with goals/to-do lists and hope you will share yours as well.  My desire (and what friends have encouraged me to do) for this month is to say “no” to things that don’t matter and “yes” to rest, quality times with friends, family, and Ryan. We don’t have that busy of a month, but have some exciting things happening. A dear friend of mine- Amanda Franklin- is having her bridal shower, we have a Junior Women’s Club event (I will do a post all about JWC), and we are going on a trip with Ryan’s friends to float the Frio.  Below are listed some of my personal goals (not fitness related). I’m obviously going to continue to focus on other things outside of these, but these are things I want to accomplish in the month of August.

1.      Save money & organize the clutter
-Sit down and really figure out what are priorities rather than wants and de-clutter the closets and random areas.

2.      Be strong & healthy
-Create a list of healthy recipes to try (share those on the blog), stay active (new-workouts/activities I haven’t accomplished), make meals at home (rather than cereal).

3.      Keep being/trying to be a present friend
-Remember friends are everything and more!

4.      Plan best friends shower (yay for Heather Wilson)
-Plan (with Heather Hoover- check out her blog she's an awesome women of God and Keely Hulme) and continue to buy clothes/decor/baby EVERTYHING!

5.      Make time for God
-We all tend to get busy with life, extra circular activities, summer fun etc. We/I need to remember to slow down and spend time with Jesus

6.      Prepare for trip to Frio
-Make a list of what we need so we are not buying stuff last minute.

7.      Finish up the guest room
-I’ve been needing to do this for months upon months. I plan on getting a bed (finally) and decorating. We’ve been having company but they have to sleep on the couch-haha!

There are other things more as “to do list” rather than goals that I need to accomplish this month. What do y’all have planned for this month? I love reading everyone’s goals so please post!