Friday, March 24, 2017

Life Lately

Hi! I’m finally back from a crazy couple of weeks. Nothing about my life has been based on a routine. Just when I started thinking life was getting somewhat organized again…

Each day during the last couple of weeks has been filled with something new and busy. I feel like March is usually filled to the very top. I’ve been very grateful about everything, but I’m ready for it to slow down just a bit. As March comes to an end, I’m hoping to get some things completed around the house and to start on my “to-do list.”

I thought that I would share a few things of what’s been going on in this small little space of the world, within all of the craziness! 

The first week of March was “Hell Week” for the Spring Show. Which, if you are a follower, you’ve heard me discuss this thing called Spring Show (I also posted about it last year-link). Spring Show is the performance that JWC members (voluntary) put on every year. The play is always written by a special member in our club. In the plays there are dancers and actors/actresses that practice very hard from the first Saturday of January to the last Saturday in February. Yes, that’s right… EVERY SATURDAY WE ALL HAVE PRACTICE. The week before the show we have what’s called “Hell Week”, meaning we have practice from 5:30 to about 11ish every night. Some nights are shorter than others, but it all depends on how the choreographers/director feel about that night. We sell tickets and have our show that Friday and Saturday of “Hell Week.” It’s always so much fun!!!





On Sunday (yes, the Sunday after Spring Show was over) I had a work trip to Florida and Georgia. On the plane ride to Florida I watched Me Before You… OH MY GOSH was that a tear jerker for sure! I was crying while the gentlemen next to me thought, “I wonder what is going on with this lady.” (haha)

That Monday morning the team (2-4 people from our district and about 4-6 people from other districts) went to Mayport Naval Station. We collected the data that we needed then headed back to the hotel to input the data. Tuesday morning we went back and captured the last building remaining. We had the best weather in Florida! Wednesday morning we drove 2 hours to Georgia to collect the data at Fort Stewart Army Base. These nights in Georgia were a lot longer with more data needing to be inputted. Friday morning we had to up at 4 AM to catch our flight home.

Mayport Naval Station

Fort Stewart Army Base 

When I arrived home (FINALLY) I had a million and one things to get done before heading on the road again. I got to see my best friend and my beautiful God child. 


Friday evening when I arrived, I immediately was handed Leighton. She has grown so much! Heather and I caught up that evening, loved on Leighton, watched movies, and snacked. 



Saturday morning we just relaxed while Leighton had her feeding then a lovely little nap! We had manicures/pedicures planned for Saturday afternoon. Heather’s work friend Candice met us to join our little pamper party! She recently had a little baby boy -  he’s super cute!

That evening we FaceTimed Heather’s parents, so that they could catch up with me and yes to see that beautiful little girl. 

Sunday morning we all enjoyed coffee together while getting in our last couple of snuggles with Leighton and laughs together before I had to head home.


What‘s been going on with y’all lately?! Any fun trips coming up for the Spring time? J Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Goals

I can’t believe that it is already a new month! March has got me excited because it means that Spring is just around the corner. Texas has already given us a little tease of the Spring weather- YAY! It’s such a beautiful time of year and a season of celebration.

Last month was super busy with Spring Show practice every Saturday and getting ready for crazy weeks/weekends to come. Which means Saturday’s are me functioning purely on coffee. Our performances start tonight and the last one is Saturday (more about this later)!
Before I share my March goals, here is last month’s list...

February Goals in Review:
-send birthday presents in snail mail (just need to put them in the mail box)
-visit my sweet friend (next weekend)
-get a couple of things ordered for the house
-two of our close friends are having babies (pictures to come)
-finish decorating night stands and dresser (need to find 2 lamps-websites are welcome!)
-continue to cook dinner during the week
-celebrate Valentine’s Day
-pray through my prayer journal weekly
-continue our workout schedules

March Goals:
-celebrate a friends bridal shower
-start figuring out Whole 30 (I’ve been really wanting to do this-if you’ve completed this I would love to hear about it)
-gather Easter baskets for cousins
-book my plane ticket to Vegas for my dear friends birthday (BSB we are coming for you!)
-finish/start a couple of books
-get back into my face cleaning routine
-clean our dead plants/flowers that died from the winter