Hi friends! My name is Ashley Bowles and thanks for stopping by Fit For Style! I'm flattered and thankful to share my love for eating healthy, fitness, family, faith and fashion with you. My prayer is that God will glorify me spiritually through my words and stories and that you are inspired by my words.

A little more about me:

-I am a follower of Jesus Christ and my purpose is in Christ alone. Being a follower has sent me free of sin and he gave me an abundant life because Christ died and sacrificed everything on the cross.

-Fitness/nutrition is one of my favorite hobbies, so much that I've started sharing my passion with friends/co-workers. Helping and putting others before myself has always been important.

-Conversations over a big cup of coffee rather than being glued to the TV makes my heart jump for joy.

-I normally run/do the elliptical on my lunch break (yes I said my lunch break; where I work we are authorized to exercise in our gym during our lunch hour) and I do Pure Barre at least four times a week. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! If you are looking for an amazing workout click on the link to see what it's all about Pure Barre.

-After reading many books and talking to many people I became a pescatarian. I love everything about it!

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