Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blogtember Challenge Day Seven: JOY

  1. Blogging
    At the beginning of January Ryan said he wanted me to start a blog. I was a little questionable about it because I didn’t think people who enjoy reading what I had to say. I’ve actually fallen in love with blogging more and more each day. I couldn’t thank Victoria Strader enough. She made my blog more beautiful than I could’ve ever done. I am constantly getting text messages, comments on my posts, and word of mouth on how much people they enjoy reading my blog! It is something that brings so much joy to my heart and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I wouldn’t have met many of the bloggers that I know today without this encouragement and leap of faith I took by starting this blog. So please keep writing your comments and sending me emails :)
  2. Fall
    I feel like the Spring is constantly busy, but when Fall comes it brings everyone to a more calm environment. College Football starts back up! I love how it brings all of our friends together. Making football snacks is one of my favorite things. Not only because I enjoy cooking, but it allows me to try new recipes. Pumpkin everything starts making its appearances in stores. Especially Bath & Body Works!!! I can hear all of the men already complaining about all of the pumpkin things (haha.) The cooler fall weather brings a lot of joy to my heart. I love not walking around sweating everywhere you go. Texas problems.
  3. Planner
    I love writing everything down in my Erin Condren planner. Not only because I love the planner itself, but it helps has my life stay somewhat away from the hecticness. I enjoy buying new pens, post it notes, file tabs, markers, and more. I know this might sound weird, but every year when school supplies start coming out I get so much joy and excitement from all the new supplies that are getting released!
  4.  Routines
    I find so much joy in a routine. When something goes wrong or I’m running late for something I feel like it throws my entire routine off! I have a little duty that I do at work (starting the coffee and restocking the little snack bag) which is key on routine due to people not being happy if there isn’t any coffee made. I know things change which can change up a routine but all in all (you can ask Ryan) our life is routine. I get a little OCD sometimes but he for sure has calmed me down!
  5. Jesus
    Since this prompt is about bringing joy I think the best way to find that is in scripture. Anytime I’m having a tough time in my life or just need some encouraging words I go to the Bible. Not only does it bring me comfort and joy, but I learn something new. I could read a passage over and over again and each time I learn something different. Jesus is always there no matter what! So next time you aren’t having the best day reach for your Bible.



  1. These are all so great! Its sweet to have people encouraging you to blog! My husband does the same thing for me and it makes me feel so supported! I love planning and being organized and having routines as well. AND YES to Jesus! He is our lasting joy, as one of the blogtember bloggers said and I couldn't agree more!

  2. Fall makes me happy, too! The temperatures are perfect and the trees are so pretty :)

  3. I am currently living and dying by my planner. :) LOVE it! I am also totally ready for fall. It's way too hot in Ohio right now!