Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Recap 2016 & January Goals

So sorry I’ve been gone for a while but…. I’m finally back :) The past month has been a fluster. When starting my blog this past year it was a way for me to do something for myself, but there were times when I felt like I was doing it for other reasons. I decided to take a break from everything during Christmas to focus on family and friends. Thanks to everyone that pushed me to start blogging. Also a big thank you to the person who helped start up my blog Victoria Stader. Thank you thank you again for everything!

In December we started planning our trip to New York (for my birthday-yay can’t wait!) side note we leave this Thursday and come home Sunday. I will share our trip when we return. I finished up a project at work before the holidays, planned out different things to do with the cousins while in town, and finished getting things donated to different centers in Fort Worth. We drove to celebrate Christmas with Ryan’s family then spent Christmas day with my family. It was nice to get everyone back together over the holidays, but we are thankful to finally have all errands ran and the Christmas decorations down (even though I love them being up!)

This past year has been more than a blessing… I’m blessed with all the different lessons that I learned but mostly knowing that God is in control.

I’ve struggled with trying to make sure everyone is comfortable, money is where it needs to be, the house is always in order, laundry is mostly done, approvals from people, always pleasing etc.
All of these “things” were not what I wanted my life to be about. I’ve always felt like I had to do everything in my life by a certain time. I enjoy helping or doing things for other people but it can sometimes be more work than I thought. 

There were times this past year when I would be so exhausted all I knew to do was just cry because that was the only thing that my body could do. I took things out on Ryan and my parents that I shouldn’t had because of stress or being overly busy.

I’m not at all saying that I’m not thankful for everything in my life, but I needed to change my priorities. 2016 was more than everything and anything I could ask for. I have friends and family to lean on and that I love more than ever. I’ve joined a group of amazing girls that I could thank over and over again for everything they have brought to my life. I have a job, a house over my head, and Jesus Christ.

Over the Christmas holiday I was able to hang out with my family more than I ever thought. It was something I needed and didn’t even know. I spent time with the Lord which made my heart full. I needed all the laughs with my family and time with Him which helped complete 2016. Learning that God is in control and not always being the “perfect” person has been something He has shown me this past year.

So now for January Goals J

We have New York this week/weekend but nothing planned after that. There are a couple things that we are wanting to do the house/yard this year. Who would’ve thought that getting things completed around the house could be so rewarding. Ryan and I have enjoyed looking at house improvements/ideas online, driving through neighborhoods, and just browsing through different stores. If any of you have any suggestions on websites, stores, or places to get good deals on send them my way!

For 2017, Ryan and I have set goals and different things we want to accomplish as a couple. I don’t think they are really goals just different adjustments we are wanting to strive for, but we excited!
I hope everyone had a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with family and friends!

January Goals:

-finish decorating the front 2 bedrooms

-make new dinners out of my new cookbooks
-finish getting little tasks completed around the house
-lay out a plan to get the fence fixed or redone
-fix the sink from leaking
-wake up or stay up a little later to spend more them with Jesus

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