Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Goals

I can’t believe that it is already a new month! March has got me excited because it means that Spring is just around the corner. Texas has already given us a little tease of the Spring weather- YAY! It’s such a beautiful time of year and a season of celebration.

Last month was super busy with Spring Show practice every Saturday and getting ready for crazy weeks/weekends to come. Which means Saturday’s are me functioning purely on coffee. Our performances start tonight and the last one is Saturday (more about this later)!
Before I share my March goals, here is last month’s list...

February Goals in Review:
-send birthday presents in snail mail (just need to put them in the mail box)
-visit my sweet friend (next weekend)
-get a couple of things ordered for the house
-two of our close friends are having babies (pictures to come)
-finish decorating night stands and dresser (need to find 2 lamps-websites are welcome!)
-continue to cook dinner during the week
-celebrate Valentine’s Day
-pray through my prayer journal weekly
-continue our workout schedules

March Goals:
-celebrate a friends bridal shower
-start figuring out Whole 30 (I’ve been really wanting to do this-if you’ve completed this I would love to hear about it)
-gather Easter baskets for cousins
-book my plane ticket to Vegas for my dear friends birthday (BSB we are coming for you!)
-finish/start a couple of books
-get back into my face cleaning routine
-clean our dead plants/flowers that died from the winter

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