Thursday, August 11, 2016

August Goals

I’m obviously going to continue to focus on my fitness goals, which I hope you all are doing the same thing. I hope the tips that I’ve provided you have helped you reach some of the goals you’ve been having trouble with! I’m going to start each month with goals/to-do lists and hope you will share yours as well.  My desire (and what friends have encouraged me to do) for this month is to say “no” to things that don’t matter and “yes” to rest, quality times with friends, family, and Ryan. We don’t have that busy of a month, but have some exciting things happening. A dear friend of mine- Amanda Franklin- is having her bridal shower, we have a Junior Women’s Club event (I will do a post all about JWC), and we are going on a trip with Ryan’s friends to float the Frio.  Below are listed some of my personal goals (not fitness related). I’m obviously going to continue to focus on other things outside of these, but these are things I want to accomplish in the month of August.

1.      Save money & organize the clutter
-Sit down and really figure out what are priorities rather than wants and de-clutter the closets and random areas.

2.      Be strong & healthy
-Create a list of healthy recipes to try (share those on the blog), stay active (new-workouts/activities I haven’t accomplished), make meals at home (rather than cereal).

3.      Keep being/trying to be a present friend
-Remember friends are everything and more!

4.      Plan best friends shower (yay for Heather Wilson)
-Plan (with Heather Hoover- check out her blog she's an awesome women of God and Keely Hulme) and continue to buy clothes/decor/baby EVERTYHING!

5.      Make time for God
-We all tend to get busy with life, extra circular activities, summer fun etc. We/I need to remember to slow down and spend time with Jesus

6.      Prepare for trip to Frio
-Make a list of what we need so we are not buying stuff last minute.

7.      Finish up the guest room
-I’ve been needing to do this for months upon months. I plan on getting a bed (finally) and decorating. We’ve been having company but they have to sleep on the couch-haha!

There are other things more as “to do list” rather than goals that I need to accomplish this month. What do y’all have planned for this month? I love reading everyone’s goals so please post! 

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