Thursday, February 2, 2017

February Goals

Happy February, my dear friends! January was filled with changing routines and habits to start the year off right. Last month taught me the positive impact of staying up later to spend time with Jesus, taking my multivitamins, planning out dinners, getting little tasks completed, and trying to be simply mindful of what my body/myself needs each day.

I'm really happy with how January turned out. Goals and learning what you are capable of accomplishing is a goal within itself in my opinion,

January Goals in Review:
-finish decorating the front 2 bedrooms (I've been selling things to finish this project up)
-make new dinners out of my new cookbooks
-finish getting little tasks completed around the house
-lay out a plan to get the fence fixed or redone (this is somewhat done)
-fix the sink from leaking
-wake up or stay up a little later to spend more them with Jesus

Lately I've been a little confused with the month of February we had a family member pass and a couple of close family friends lose their loved ones as well. While I’ve never experienced this kind of loss, I do know God, and I know that He will always provide for His children. In the midst of each unexpected path we encounter in our lives, He finds a way to show us His love. He reminds us that “His love is like a hurricane and we are the tree, bending beneath His weight and mercy. How He loves us with such an unconditional love.” 

February Goals:
-send birthday presents in snail mail
-visit my sweet friend 
-get a couple of things order for the house (post to come)
-two of our close friends are having babies (one was yesterday, sweet baby boy)
-finish decorating night stands and dresser
-continue to cook dinner during the week
-celebrate Valentine's Day 
-pray through my prayer journal each week 
-continue our workout schedules 

What do y'all have planned for February? I would love to read some of your goals in the comments below :)

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