Monday, September 12, 2016

Blogtember Challenge Day 12 - Books, Books, and More Books

At first I really didn’t know if I would enjoy the book. When I opened the first page to start reading I was shocked to see that the entire book was written in play form. I decided to give it a chance which I ended up enjoying it a lot. I think they needed to add more details about the different events that happened – maybe there will be another book!

This one hasn’t taken me long to get into. I’m loving the relationship between Josie and Meredith Garland… they both are very different characters. Can’t wait to finish!

This one is self-explanatory :)

This is about sisters that are in their twenty years (which I’m currently in) going through high school, college, first jobs, and first loves. They have thoughts and concerns about their twenties and then reality hits and they are thirty. Can’t wait to read this.

I've also been wanting to join Book of the Month. I might be doing this very soon! 


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