Monday, September 19, 2016

Blogtember Challenge 18 & 19- Simplifying & Flash Back

This weekend was full of hanging out with friends and celebrating a beautiful friend of mine’s couple’s shower! We were busy from Friday to Sunday which is why I missed the post yesterday. Like I said at the beginning of this challenge if I miss any I will do my best to make them up :)

For yesterday’s prompt I’m sharing something that simplifies my life by not having to worry what is coming up next or what we have planned in the next couple of months. The number one thing in my life that helps me simplify my life is my Erin Condren planner 

I will tell you that the older we get (which I know I’m not old) we all start forgetting things. Let’s be honest here I already forget things – haha! I will never forget when Ryan asked what I wanted for Christmas and I had told him about this amazing planner. He was a little questionable about “thinking” about buying it because he thought it was expensive. He didn’t realize a couple of things…  the front and back are reusable, each year the only thing you have to purchase is the middle section, how much I would really use it, and how much it has not only simplified my life but his as well.

I’ve always been a very organized person, but before I knew about the Erin Condren planner I would just use sticky notes ALL THE TIME! They would be everywhere… all throughout the house, at my desk, in purse, at the house etc. This planner has helped me stay more organized than I ever thought.
I love getting to write everything down because it not only reminds me that we have something coming up, but it helps with things that are planned months in advance such as wedding festivities, birthdays, or traveling to see friends.

I’ve wrote more about these planners in this post, so I won’t keep rambling on and on. There it is friends the one thing that not only simplifies my life, but helps keep everything in everyone’s lives around me not hectic! If you are thinking of buying one please don't hesitate because of the price it is worth every penny. Remember Christmas is right around the corner!  

Today’s challenge is to share a list of your favorite posts you’ve written. It’s like a lot of TV shows where the writers take a montage of episodes to make a “remembering the past” episode of things that happened. I remember back when I use to go to my grandmother's after school and watch my favorite TV shows. They would always have these “remember the past” episodes which made me so upset! I mean I’m a kid and I don’t care about old parts of episodes I want to watch something new.

Don’t worry this challenge is about that kind of “past” it’s a time to show new readers things that might’ve missed, maybe prayers were answered that you’d written about, or to show you how much you developed as a blogger. I know I’ve had to readers/followers see my blog just by this challenge which I’m so grateful for, I’ve written post about things I’ve prayed for, and I know I’ve grown as a blogger on getting better with my postings. Well here you go… welcome to the past of Fit for Style: 


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  1. I wrote about my EC Life planner yesterday too :) Love them!