Sunday, September 4, 2016

Blogtember Challenge Day Four: Currently

Prompt: What are you up to currently?

Reading: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Planning: to-do’s for Opening Day for Junior Woman’s Club

Watching: Suits! Obsessed with Rachel Zane.

Trying: to do this “lifting weights” thing.

Cooking: Buffalo Chicken Crescent Roll Ring

Eating: veggies and no cereal :(

Drinking: water, water, water. Cleansing from so much bad eating and drinking from the river.

Calling: Ryan… always trying to figure out what the plans are.

Texting: with Callie about the details about her Aggie watch party!

Pinning: all things pumpkin that have to do with baby showers.

Tweeting: I don’t have one- should I get one?

Going: to Waco to see Ryan’s grandfather. He had a mini-stroke. Please keep them in your prayers.

Loving: the new bible study Ryan and I are about to start!

Hating: the 100 degree weather. I’m ready for cute fall clothing and winter.

Discovering: new objectives for my new job.

Thinking: if I should get up early before we drive to Waco to workout.

Feeling: like I should’ve done some sort of cardio today.

Hoping (for): great news from Ryan’s grandfather’s doctors.

Listening (to): the OU vs UH football game.

Celebrating: my new job! YAY!

Smelling: the Buffalo Chicken Crescent Roll Ring I just cooked to take over to Callie’s.

Ordering: necessities for my best friend’s baby shower- YAY FOR LEIGHTON!

Thanking: Victoria Strader for everything she has helped me do with my blog!

Considering: buying a dog with Ryan.

Starting: lifting weights and my new job (started last Monday)

Finishing: packing our bag to go over to Callie’s Aggie watch party!



  1. I dropped by from the blogtember link up. Your blog is super cute. A Buffalo Chicken Crescent Roll sounds fabulous. What kind of dog are you hoping for?

  2. You are too sweet! Your blog is looking awesome!!