Friday, September 2, 2016

The Blogtember Challenge Day One & Two: Introduce Yourself & September Goals

I’m so sorry I’m late on this post, but I’m excited to do this challenge :). The reason I’m doing two in one post is, because (drum roll please) I started a new job Monday! It’s been a little crazy and a tad bit overwhelming, but I know by putting everything in God’s hands it will work out perfectly.

I’ve officially decided to take part in the Blogtember Challenge, which is hosted by another blogger (her friend Bailey), but I ran across it by reading a sweet friend's blog (Victoria Strader which helped me with my little blog- love her!) I really think this will take my blogging to a whole new level by being more creative! I’m always looking to get better at everything and this should definitely improve my blogging skills. I will do my best to post every day, but I’m sure I’ll have a couple misses every now and then.


I’m Ashley Bowles and I’m very pleased that you’ve decided to come check out my blog. I’m 26 years old, and live in a small town in Texas- Fort Worth. I was in born in downtown Fort Worth, but quickly after my birth we moved to California. We lived there until I was three, then we moved back to Texas where we lived in Lipan until I was six, then finally decided to make our mark in Aledo, Texas. I graduated from Tarleton State University in 2012 (I was a member of Sigma Phi Lambda), moved back in with my parents to save money for a couple of years. This allowed me to make a huge investment and buy my first house. I made the leap/gifted the house to myself on Valentine’s Day 2014. A year later a sweet friend of mine (Callie Whittle) introduced me to a wonderful man! I instantly fell in love with Ryan Harrison (we aren’t married, but we are all crossing our fingers!)! He graduated from Texas A&M University and works for a great company in Fort Worth. We currently don’t have any dogs, but we are always looking. We LOVE traveling, sports, tailgating (if you know any aggies, you know this is a must), and also enjoy hanging out with our friends. We try to somewhat balance all of our different hobbies and enjoy life together!


August Goals:
  1. Save money & organize the clutter-Sit down and really figure out what are priorities rather than wants and de-clutter the closets and random areas. This has started happening, but Christmas is right around the corner! If you have ever read the book (The Five Love Languages by Gary Chaplin). My love language is Gift Giving! I must start my shopping early to get all my gifts for everyone, and we all know there is always something else to get.
  2. Be strong & healthy, and create the same for my family -Create a list of healthy recipes to try (share those on the blog), stay active (new-workouts/activities I haven’t accomplished), make meals at home (rather than cereal).  This has worked out great! Ryan and I have been eating healthy and cooking most of our meals together at home.
  3. Keep being/trying to be a present friend -Remember friends are everything and more! I had a little misunderstanding with a dear dear friend to my heart, but everything is perfectly amazing now.
  4. Plan best friends shower (yay for Heather Wilson) -Plan (with Heather Hoover-check out her blog she’s an awesome women of God-and Keely Hulme) and continue to buy clothes/décor/baby EVERTYHING! This is in the making! Yay the sweet blogger I told you about (Heather Hoover) has ordered the invitations.
  5. Make time for Go -We all get to busy with life, extra circular activities, summer fun, etc. We/I need to remember to slow down and spend time with Jesus. My bible study that I do with Christ Chapel starts up next Thursday the 8th. Ryan and I decided to start a new bible study together.
  6. Travel to the Frio-to float with friends (aka putting things off) -Make a list of what we need so we are not buying things last minute. This was a blast! More to come about this trip.
  7. Finish up the guest room -I’ve been needing to do this for months upon months. I plan on getting a bed (finally) and decorating. We’ve been having company but they have to sleep on the couch-haha! My mom and I are actually going to Nebraska Furniture Mart Sunday to get a headboard and mattress.

September Goals:
  1. Continue to eat healthy and stick with the new workout.
  2. Start my women’s bible study at Christ Chapel. Also start the one Ryan and I will be doing together!
  3. Participate in the Blogtember Challenge- I promise I will do my best :)
  4. Host with two friends to my hear our friend's pumpkin baby shower.
  5. Attend my fashionable friend's bachelorette party in Dallas- you should check out her blog she has AMAZING STYLE (YOU WILL FALL IN LOVEEEEE!)
  6. Attend a beautiful wedding in Weatherford- the girl who fell in love with Tweety Bird as much as I did when we were children.
  7. Read a couple of books I've been wanting to start. 

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